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Urban legend has it that when Clark Gable showed his bare chest in “It Happened One Night," undershirt sales plummeted. Regardless of whether this rumor has any foundation, there is no doubt that viewers change their behavior based on what they see and hear on screen. Moreover, search engines and social media platforms now favor web sites with video content over those with only words and images.


Canyon Diamond Media, LLC, partners with companies to articulate their goals and bring them into reality through creation of web and video content. CDM will tell your story in a compelling way that expands market awareness and burnishes your brand.

Our brains are wired to respond to stories. The Harvard Business Review reports that viewers who watch stories about relatable people respond in predictable ways -- their brains are flooded with oxytocin, the trust hormone.


Karen Withem is a content creator who draws upon her eclectic background in business, journalism and the arts with each new project.  Highlights of Karen’s accomplishments: 


  • Produced "A Crisis Within," a documentary style short for NYC-based Women's Equal Justice Profit

  • Wrote and produced "Taking Flight for a Greener Future," an industrial film on Los Angeles International Airport’s recycling and other environmentally geared programs

  • Produced digital training solution for Talbot & Associates Consulting Engineers and The City of Raleigh 

  • Produced digital training solution for Talbot & Associates Consulting Engineers and The City of Raleigh 

  • Wrote and directed "Stand Up," a fantasy narrative short film chosen by Ovation TV for funding partnership

  • Produced events attended by a few dozen up to 10,000

  • Directed "A Rude Awakening," an award-winning independent short film about a woman who suspects her doctor of trying to steal her identity

  • Served in various production capacities in films, including camera operator for "The Setlist," produced by Twin Maples Media and currently airing on TriangleLife.tv: The Setlist 


  • Sold an original longform screenplay for television production and optioned other properties


  • Produced such plays as “Packed House” and “A Woman Obsessed” in Los Angeles theaters; the latter she also co-wrote and directed

  • Provided media training and managed messaging for senior corporate executives


  • Co-produced Screen Actors Guild monthly showcases for two years, booking casting directors to view live acting performances


  • Produced and hosted a public affairs series on religion and social issues; guests included the late tap dancing pioneer Fayard Nicholas, and Judge Dorothy Nelson, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit


  • Edited “21st Century Leadership,” a book that looks at management trends as seen through the eyes of leaders like Bill Gates, Donna Shalala and Robert Reich


Ms. Withem began her career as a photojournalist, covering Palos Verdes, California, city council and school board meetings, and writing news and feature articles for the Peninsula News.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, graduating magna cum laude from UCLA.


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"Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill."

- Buddha 


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