Urban legend has it that when Clark Gable showed his bare chest in “It Happened One Night," undershirt sales plummeted. Regardless of whether this rumor has any foundation, the product placement industry is an undeniable force. Consumers flock to raw eggs after seeing “Rocky,” and are driven to Aston Martins thanks to "Skyfall."


Which begs the question:  If consumption habits are changed by narrative films, why not ideas and behavior? 


Canyon Diamond Media, LLC, is a production company that tells compelling and entertaining stories whose themes reflect scriptures of the world's faiths.  

CDM Films



"The heart is like a box, and language is the key. Only by using the key can we open the box and observe the

gems it contains."

                - 'Abdu'l-Baha

Original Films



Completed:  A Rude Awakening - a comedy-mystery about a young woman who gets a bump on the head and thinks the doctor trying to treat her is trying to steal her identity. It was completed July 2015 and is currently being submitted to film festivals nationwide.



In preproduction:  Stand Up is the story of a successful comic living life in the fast lane who finds himself stuck in his worst nightmare. Ms. Withem will direct from her original script.



Pictured is the cast of "A Rude Awakening," Michael Howard as Dr. Forrest, Tracey Coppedge as Nurse Jennifer and Hannah Elsie Chapman as Ashley. To say the three are local talent is an understatement... Mr. Howard is currently producing and directing a feature film based on his own script; Ms. Coppedge has appeared in many films produced in the Raleigh-Durham area and produces and hosts a live interview show; and Ms. Chapman is a singer-songwriter who performs locally.

The crew of "A Rude Awakening" shot the first day on location at Wake Technical Community College. Their nursing simulation suite had state-of-the-art monitoring equipment that gave the scene an authentic feel.

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